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Do the experience of Portugal with a Lusitano



Lusitano breeders in Henrique Abecasis Stud and Portugal lovers, we want to share authenticity with you.


Only for a few days or maybee longer, you will enjoy to discover the beauty of our country and its traditions riding a Lusitano horse. Our routes are notable for their hospitality, the landscapes, the history and the culture.



Lusitano horses


Tradition and authenticity


The Portugal in an unique way


Taste local gastronomy and wine


Unique accomodations



  • The price of the programs is defined per person in double accommodation. The single supplement is 55€/person/night.

  • Transfers on the first day are set at Lisbon airport’s “meeting point”. The time is defined in the description of every program.


  • Transfers on the last day are done from the last accommodation to Lisbon airport and the time is defined in the description of every program.

  • Transfer from/to different locations or at a different time are subject to the payment of an extra fee (50€/transfer - programs Traditons, Secrets and Clinics; 250€/transfer - programs Costa Vicentina and Lusitanos)

  • All the participants should be at least elementary riders, should have an age over 10 years old and a weight under 90Kg. (The rides are aimed at intermediate riders and above who are comfortable, balanced and secure in the saddle and able to control a well-schooled horse in open country at a walk, trot and canter.)


  • Estimated pathways time is measured in each step. Groups of experienced riders can take less time in the pathways than less experienced riders.


  • Pace will always be defined by the guide, depending on the group’s ability for the itinerary’s conditions and tailored to the least able rider.


  • Our horses are reliable, healthy and in good physical conditions. All stops are predefined and the welfare of horses, staff and visitors ensured.


  • Water and snacks will be provided to riders in all stops or whenever necessary.


  • In all stops, horse will have access to water and all the essential aspects of their welfare are included, such as shoeing and at the physical and apparent sweating degree.


  • The places of stay are differentiated by quality and representative of the region cultural terms and space integration.


  • All the activities described in this program are included in the price of the program. Extra drinks served at the hotels’ bars should be paid directly to the host at the moment of check-out.


  • All meals include a dish of selected regional cuisine and a Ribatejo wine properly identified.


  • Besides the tourism guide, the group will always be followed by one or two people in a jeep, which has first aid kit and need box, for both riders and horses.


  • Riders will always be reachable through mobile phone with the support vehicle.


  • The tours’ material is made with leather and appropriate to the activity, the saddles are suitable for long rides on horseback.


  • There is also included in the price of the program an insurance against personal accidents and the entire itinerary is followed by a backup car that provides all the assistance the participants might need.


  • For safety is recommended the use of head protection. We warn that in case of accident, the insurance company can choose not to indemnify, if it’s the riders’ option not to use protection.


  • It’s also recommended the use of gloves, boots or chaps and sunscreen.


  • Riders should bring comfortable clothing suitable for horse riding and adapted to the weather prediction.


  • Travel with light luggage is recommended.


  • Participants should leave their luggage stowed and closed in the morning, before departure, so that the support team may carry them to the next place of overnight. Exception is made when riders spend two nights at the same accommodation (Casa do Alfaro, Casa da Azinhaga and Herdade da Agolada).


  • The stud reserves the right to decide not to carry out the program in its entirety or in any parts, such as in case of adverse weather periods, accidents or unpredictable situations of danger in the itinerary not adapted to riders’ ability.

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